Khan is a 10 y/o 15.3 Hand copper chestnut quarter horse cross gelding. He is very pretty, sweet and has great conformation.
He has been used mostly for a trail horse, but has done a year of gymkhana. He has a good walk/trot/canter but no formal training in any discipline. I have simply not had time to continue his training any further than trail horse level.
He is not spooky, and calm on the trail. Not hot, but will get up and go when asked. He has an incredible canter and a strong ground covering trot. Lots of potential to go into the show ring, but also would make a great trail horse.
I have two other horses and as a student it is ridiculous for me to have three. The other two are finished show horses and I thought it would be great for Khan to go to someone with the time to work with him in whatever direction they choose.
He is sensitive and therefore needs a calm and quiet rider. His only vices are that he sometimes walks away when you catch him and he doesn?t like his back feet being played with. Both vices are pretty workable though, I just haven?t had the time. It would not take much.
I will be quite sad to see him go, and so I am in no hurry. If he has not sold by summer I will use my break to turn him into a dressage horse. However, I thought I would give people a chance to buy him as a trail horse at a lower price. Or turn him into the kind of show horse you want. He is so easy and could go so far with someone with more time.
Please email me for more information or pictures.